JoAnne Carson

American, b. 1954
A visit to JoAnne Carson’s studio in Brooklyn is a voyage into a world of duality – of whimsical and monstrous delights, of light-hearted moments filled with a distinct understanding of the gravity of circumstance, and of the balance between the natural and artificial worlds. Born in New York City, and currently residing in both Brooklyn, NY and Shoreham, VT, Carson has a finely tuned grasp on the influence of technology in our world, and her own part in restoring the balance of nature through her work. Carson creates beguiling and unique landscapes to both capture our attention and make us think, like the playground of a futuristic Alice in Wonderland.

Comical at times, the underlying theme of Carson’s body of work is awareness and oneness with the world around her. Within it lies the boundary between reality and the imaginary, where puffs of snow appear in cotton candy hues and larger than life flowers appear to have minds of their own, growing upward at astonishing rates. Carson has a fresh voice, bringing light and brevity to conversations of synthetic advances and fabricated nature.

The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome and many more distinguished awards, Carson has established herself as an artist to know and follow.