Peter W. Brooke

"The images I create depict places that are drawn entirely from memory and experience. I am interested in the subtle interplay found between the imagined and the real. My works are meant to act as windows, something to look through and contemplate. Each has its own travelogue. Consequently, they are as much landscapes of the mind, as they are physical representations." - Peter Brooke,

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"Peter Brooke is a painter of American landscapes—a subject he has singularly pursued for over 15 years. Over the course of his career, his work has evolved from dark and foreboding renderings of wetlands to lighter, airier compositions. Brooke describes his paintings as “falling somewhere between reality, dream, and personal myth, [exploring] the extraordinary in an ordinary natural environment.” His more recent and best-known compositions typically illustrate vast expanses, whether of sky, land, or water, with softly shifting forms and a stripped-down palette. For Brooke, the natural world is an allegorical means by which to explore themes of the fleeting nature of human experience." - from

2011: Awarded Residency at the Richard Estes Acadia Foundation in Northeast Harbor, Maine, for the Month of August
1998, '99, 2007: Returning Fellowship, The Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ireland
2001: Listing, Boston Globe’s Top 10 Shows of 2001
1997: Residency, Vermont Studio Center
1996-97: Fellowship, The Ballinglen Arts Foundation Ireland
1995-96: Individual Artists Fellowship, Delaware State Arts Council
1990-91: Emerging Artist Fellowship, Delaware State Arts Council

1986: MFA, Mount Royal School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art
1983: BFA, Denison University, Granville, OH

2016: David Findlay Jr. Gallery (NYC, NY) - “The Imagined and the Real”
2015: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Darkness and Wonder”
2014: David Findlay Jr. Gallery (NYC, NY) - “Recent Landscapes”
2013: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Sanctuary”
2012Gallery at Simon Pierce, The Mill (Quechee, VT) - “Solstice”
2012: David Findlay Jr. Gallery (NYC, NY) - “Recent Paintings”
2010: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “In Medias Res”
2010: David Findlay Jr. (NYC, NY) - “Peter Brooke”
2009: Sanford Smith Fine Art (Great Barrington, MA) - “The Nearness of Distance”
2008: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Out in the Overcast”
2008: Sanford Smith Fine Art (Great Barrington, MA) - “Between the Edge of the Landscape”
2007: The Dock (Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland) - “New Work on Paper”
2006Spheris Gallery (Hanover, NH) - “New Works on Paper”
2006: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Ice Storms, Vernal Pools and other Natural Phenomena”
2005: Spheris Gallery (Bellows Falls, VT) - “Blurred- White and Drift”
2004Reeves Contemporary (NYC, NY) - “The Inland Sea”
2003: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Fuge”
2002Spheris Gallery (NYC, NY) - “Hills, Elbowed and Stacked”
2001: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Any Tree, Any Rock, Any Hill“
2001: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Landscape in Flux”
2000: Spheris Gallery (Walpole, NH) - “Hill Country”
2000: Spheris Gallery (NYC, NY) - “New Paintings”
1999: Gallery NAGA, (Boston, MA) - “Ballycastle”
1999: Fenn School Gallery (Concord, MA) - “Paintings from Private Collections”
1998: Mulford Gallery (Rockport, ME) - “Variations”
1998: Craven Gallery (West Tisbury, MA) - “Paintings from Ballinglen”
1998: Dolan/Maxwell (Philadelphia, PA) - “Works on Paper”
1997: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Irish Landscapes”
1997: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Passageways”
1996: DSAC Gallery (Wilmington, DE) - “Tidewater”
1995: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “Bombay Hook”
1994: Gallery II, Delaware Division of the Arts (Wilmington, DE) - “Fragments: New Drawings”
1993: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “The Twelve Mile Circle”
1992: Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA) - “New Landscape Paintings”
1991: Gallery I, Delaware Division of the Arts (Wilmington, DE) - “Walking with NC Hicks”
1989: Burke Gallery Denison University Granville, OH - “New Work”


"Art Notes: Landscapes Between Real and Imagined" - Nicola Smith, Valley News