Rosamond Purcell

ARTIST'S STATEMENT FROM, An Art that Nature Makes
Almost thirty years ago, from the ground of a rural scrap-metal yard came the first, and still most treasured, of found objects: two books glued together by the passage of New England seasons, and half-gnawed by mice into a nest of syllables and straw. Here, I realized, was a perfect example of manmade objects, the books, turning half-way across into an expression of animal industry, the nest. It stands at the cross-roads between artifact and nature, a hybrid object, a grafting of text to nest—”An Art that Nature Makes” * — a title which became the title of the documentary film about my work as an artist and writer and now, here at Big Town, a title for the selected photographs taken for a variety of reasons over the past decades.

An over-arching theme that unites the images in the gallery is that these disparate often wild things have been contained. The Norfolk Island Kereru dive-bombing into the box, the giant ferns in an album, even the gorilla skulls side by side linked by their differences, joined by their similarities belong within a single frame. Of course ‘containment’ in some instances has been contrived. I placed the Kereru head-down into the box to express the fateful history of this large extinct pigeon: the Naturalis museum in Leiden had a single pair of these birds, and according to their records they were first described—and last seen—in the same year, 1801.

The pre-constructed composition of ‘Book Cloth’ and ‘Moths on Music’ are also containers. 'Book Cloth' of binding, cloth, and random text is a recomposed expression of a ruined structure. 'Moths on Music' have a historical reference: on sooty telephone poles in northern England, white moths over decades developed dark smudges to better survive, camouflaged from predators on the poles. These particular moths have been ‘collected’ by my having placed them on termite-eaten music. Now contained within the framework of the music, dark spots on the wings commingle with dark details of notes from the score. But the notion behind the composition refers also to this well-known example of a strategy for survival. The ‘container’ here includes a piece of science history one does—or does not—need to know

But well beyond the box, the book, the shell, structural sameness, or natural camouflage, ‘containment’ is inherent, above all, with the photographs of eggs—the murre eggs in the collector’s box, the fossilized elephant bird egg, the eggs of the hummingbird, and the lacy hard shell of the guira cuckoo. The eggs set their own limits: their contents are invisible, vanished, or perhaps, in the case of the elephant bird, turned to stone.

*Title from Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale, 4.4 lines 504-6
“over that art which you say adds to nature, is an art that nature makes.” In this scene the characters argue about the hybridization of plants, which was becoming fashionable in Shakespeare’s time and was described as an art that nature makes.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS, Solo except 2 person where noted
1972: MIT Creative Photo Lab (2)
1973: Brockton Art Center (2)
1975: University of Iowa Art Center
1975: Neikrug Gallery, New York, NY
1976: Addison Gallery, Andover, MA
1976: Madison Art Center, Madison, WI
1977: Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE
1977: Roswell Museum, New Mexico
1977: Gallery Fiolet, Amsterdam
1977: Photographer’s Gallery, London
1977: Il Diaframma, Milano
1977: Photography Place, Philadelphia, PA
1978: Santa Fe Gallery of Photography, NM
1980: Boston Athenæum
1980: Marcuse Pfeifer, NYC
1981: Focus, San Francisco
1982: Marcuse Pfeifer, NYC
1983: Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara (2)
1983: University of Vermont
1983: Robert Klein, Boston
1984: Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts, Michigan
1984: Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard (2)
1985: Houston Center for Photography (2)
1986: Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
1986: Marcuse Pfeifer, NYC
1986: Bunting Institute, Radcliffe College
1988: Academy of Fine Arts, Honolulu
1988: Field Museum, Chicago
1989: Catherine Edelman Gallery,Chicago
1989: Marcuse Pfeiffer, NYC
1990: Bishop Museum, Honolulu
1992: Aiken Gallery, South Carolina
1993: New York Academy of Sciences: Eden in a Jar: The Collector, the Curator, and the Camera.
1993: Center for Photographic Arts, Carmel, CA Under Glass, 2 person with Richard Ross
1995: Cleveland Museum of Art, Extinct Animals
1995: Gallery of Contemporary Photography Santa Monica, “Few know the sweetness of the twisted apples”
1998: Los Angeles Public Library The Writing on the Wall
1999: Kathleen Ewing Gallery, Washington DC, "Swift as a Shadow"
2000: School of Design, University of Wisconsin, "Nature as Teacher: College of the Atlantic Extinction Then and Now"
2007: Kathleen Ewing Gallery, Washington DC, "Bookworm"
2007: Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, South Hadley, MA, "Bookworm: Photographs by Rosamond Purcell"

2007: L.C. Bates Museum, Hinckley, ME, Artists as Naturalists
2006: Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston, ME
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2006: Smith College, Northampton, MA, Dissolution and the Singular Object
2004-2005: Harvard University, Science Center Special Exhibition Gallery: Bringing Nature Inside, 17th Century Natural History, Classification, and Vision
2004: Mount Holyoke Art Museum: Two Rooms: 1655 / 2000
2004: (October-December) Tufts University Art Gallery: Two Rooms: 1655 / 2000
2003: Santa Monica Museum of Art. Two Rooms: 1655 / 2000 Traveling exhibition, Purcell’s reconstruction of the 17th century museum of Olaus Worm and of her studio
2001: Photographic Resource Center, Boston, Strange Attractor: In the Orbit of the Artist (Exhibition Curator)
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- Polaroid Corporation
- San Francisco Museum of Art
- University of Massachusetts
- Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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