Bringing the Bull Home is a selection of works from Vermont visionary psychedelic artist and poet Rick Skogsberg. The show will feature works on paper, ceramics from his new series “Plates, Platters, and Trays”, and painted shoes from the Can’t Lose Shoes collection. This show, featured in BigTown’s Main gallery, comes hot on the heels of Skogsberg’s latest exhibition at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City this past January. 

Over the past ten years, Rick Skogsberg has amassed a collection of 250 black and white drawings, graphic manipulations of those drawings and color prints, as well as 300 pairs of hand-painted shoes. In 2016, his shoe collections—the Stalking Stealth Shoes and Bloody Hell Boots—were shown at the Satellite Art Fair as part of Art Miami Basel, for which he received significant critical attention. His latest endeavor is titled, “Plates, Platters, and Trays” and began in January of 2018. Of the collection, he writes: “commemorative and recycled from my parents’ era is what I’ve sought. And I’ve found them everywhere.”