A supporting cast of characters – naked and dressed crowds, their appropriate demons, and the landscapes in which they are embedded – witness the failure of the two famous lovers to meet because of the current circumstances. The exhibition is assembled from puppets, masks and painting created for previous Bread & Puppet performances, combined with newly created paintings and sculpture by Peter Schumann. Schumann designed the exhibit, and a team of collaborators – Barbara Leber, Clare Dolan, Katherine Nook, and Genevieve Yeuillaz – will compose and assemble the installation on site.

Schumann is also creating a special limited edition masonite-cut print as a companion piece to the exhibition, which will be for sale at BigTown Gallery.

The show opens on Friday, August 29th with a performance of The Nothing Is Not Ready Circus by the Bread & Puppet touring company in the BigTown Gallery’s intimate outdoor ampitheater at 3pm. The theater’s signature sourdough rye bread and garlic aioli will be served.

The Nothing Is Not Ready Circus is for the not yet existing upriser masses and their kids who need to practice their upriser skills by teaming up with butterflies, cockroaches and elephants. Lions, horses and dogs are also employed to invent the correct rhythmical patterns that fight planetary destruction. The boot flags of the 15th century peasant revolution lead the way. Nothing Is Not Ready is the name of the show.

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